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from Kamalesh

See their work…that’s their review.


from Madhav & Simran

Awesome and passionate personalities who brought the best put of us..!!

Madhav & Simran

from Arpita

Thanks to RS WEDDING BELLS for such a good ambiance, capturing of random and posing stills in a beautiful way and amazing arrangements. The team effort is praise worthy and the responsive to calls and messages is rewarding. It makes the transitions from happily unmarried to happily married a memorable and a wonderful thing forever.


from Preetam & Priyanka

Never knew Bhubaneswar was having so many candid wedding photographers. My hunt was ON from 7 months before my marriage. The number of photographers that I got was huge. I was not able to decide anything, then I thought I would check with my friends who are already married, they had good experiences with their… Read more “from Preetam & Priyanka”

Preetam & Priyanka

from Lubna & Nirmal

RS wedding Bells did a great job at capturing our wedding moments. Surya is always available to answer any queries and is very professional.They are a great team and it was a real pleasure to have them around. You need to only nudge them in the right direction and voila they take of the rest.… Read more “from Lubna & Nirmal”

Lubna & Nirmal
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