from Preetam & Priyanka

October 21, 2018

Never knew Bhubaneswar was having so many candid wedding photographers. My hunt was ON from 7 months before my marriage. The number of photographers that I got was huge. I was not able to decide anything, then I thought I would check with my friends who are already married, they had good experiences with their photographer, when I contacted them, all were booked and said a NO, but few of them did recommend names, when asked, out of 6, 4 of them recommended me to The RS WEDDINGBELLS, I thought seriously !!

In business world no one recommends anyone, it was strange!! I got the contact and called up “S”,  in RS wedding bells, they were booked too, but said, they can manage. I was scared about it, when he said, “MANAGE” !!!

But I am happy and delighted, to know, the team managed it awesomely !! I mean, I was not surprised but amazed by what I got as the output. Keep it up guys.

You as a team, is awesome. Keep doing the good that you do. You guys are the best!!! The complete team defines perfection, quality, enthusiasm, polite, gentle, hunger for best . everything you people do, is the Best!!

Cheers guys!!

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