Meeting someone for an arranged marriage and falling in love with them is quite common, but a love that helps you overcome all the hurdles on your way is rare. When two souls decide that they want to unite, nothing and noone can stop it from happening. Let’s celebrate this unison as, Amit & Isha […]


The real life “Jab We Met” couple are here to stay. Between the hustle bustle around them, they got lost in each other, unaffected by any hint of disturbance they held each other’s hand. This Beautiful couple met on a train journey and found love. This filmy, fun-loving, natkhat couple, Sonali & Biswaranjan are all […]


Smiles, giggles, laughter and tears of joy all surrounds Aditi & Sourabh’s wedding. She found her solace in him, while he found his mischief in her. They complete each other, support and stand by for each other, that’s what love is meant to be like. Come what may, being there for each other. Bringing to […]