We work very hard for months together to bring you the very best, which requires us to upscale our already skilled team and equipments. We charge you a token of love in exchange for the results we provide. The charges are based on our skills and the dedication we give to your big day.


Photography & Cinematic Video

INR 3,60,000


Photography & Standard Video

INR 2,40,000

Pre Wedding


Family Photoshoot

Maternity / New Born



What's the difference between Signature & Intimate?

There is no difference in the two packages photography wise, the major difference is the style of video. In signature we offer the cinematic style of video & in intimate it’s the basic style of shooting.

Do you have any time limit for shooting our events?

We believe weddings & the related events are a one time thing and surely things don’t go exactly as planned. There might be a few hours up & down and we totally understand this. So we haven’t set any time limits for the events and we be available with you till the end of your event 🙂

Who has to select the final pictures?

Picture selections can happen either ways. However we prefer selecting the best moments for you and you can just review them and make the necessary modifications to save time. Typically, allowing clients to choose the pictures themselves can be challenging due to their busy schedules, often resulting in delays

What's your payment structure?

We take 50% advance for the confirmation, 40% after delivering the raw data & final 10% after delivery of all the promised deliverables.

How early should we book you?

We recommend you to book us as soon as your dates are out. We generally get booked 8-9 months prior to the wedding day.